Who makes up the 16,000-strong membership of Doctors for America? Every member brings a unique set of ideas, experiences, and skills to our movement.  While there is no typical Doctors for America member, here are some quick statistics about the Doctors for America membership.

Thousands of Members throughout the Country

  • We are 16,000 physicians and medical students.
  • We are in all 50 states and all 436 Congressional districts (including DC).

Varied Stages of Training and Practice — Mainly Practicing Physicians

  • 14% of our members are medical students.
  • 12% are physicians in residency and fellowship.
  • Everyone else is an attending physician or retired.
  • Of the attending physicians, the average number of years beyond training is 10.

Varied Specialties and Practice Locations

  • 50% of our physician members are primary care physicians.  50% are specialists.
  • 50% are in private practice (solo and group).  50% are academic, government, or work for a hospital.

Active Patient Care

  • Our members take care of an average of 14 patients a day.   That calculates to a conservative estimate of 200,000 patients per day!

Leaders in Medicine and Communities

  • We have over 1000 members who are on the faculty of medical schools.
  • We have over 30 deans of 22 medical schools.
  • We count in our ranks physicians who are elected officials, book authors, newpaper columnists, and leaders of community and physician organizations including several national physician organizations.
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